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Naloxone Kits and Training

Naloxone kit availability for overdose prevention

An overdose can happen to anyone. Throughout the pandemic, there has been a drastic increase in opioid overdose deaths. As a result, the Ontario government has made the availability of life-saving naloxone kits a priority.

BMC Pharmacy, with locations in Southwestern Ontario, specializes in addiction and withdrawal management and is prepared to assist you in this process by supplying you with naloxone kits (nasal and injection both free of charge) and the training to properly use them.

Patients and loved ones:

We offer naloxone kits and training to each of our withdrawal management patients and their family members.

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Naloxone Nasal Spray Training Video


It may come as a surprise that 30% of opioid-related deaths among people employed during the pandemic occurred among those working in the construction industry, and 1 in 7 occurred in alcohol settings such as bars, nightclubs, etc.

As a result, the Ontario Government has introduced new legislation, the “Working for Workers Act” that will require all workplaces that have a risk of worker opioid overdose to have naloxone kits on hand for better worker protection, or face significant fines.

We offer businesses training both virtually through zoom or on another platform, or in person for larger groups. Training generally takes less than 20 mins.

We encourage you to consider incorporating naloxone administration into your current Workplace Safety Training Program in order to ensure your workplace is well prepared in the unfortunate event of an opiate overdose at your business site.